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Privacy Policy for Intrain Mobile App

The protection of your personal information is of paramount importance to us!

The collection and processing of personally identifiable information provided in connection with the use of this application complies with applicable Hungarian and European Union data protection regulations and the requirements for protecting Google and Google Play, Apple and Apple Store users.

Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to any third party without your express permission. Our employees and partners are bound by confidentiality.

1. The Data Host, Data Controller and User

The Data Administrator for this application is Intrain Consulting Ltd. (2143 Kistarcsa, Dr Tibold Jozsef u. 36, Hungary, HUOCCSZ. 13-09-207477, +36 31 7806514,

User means the person who uses the services of the application, in this case the trainers and the parents of young athletes.

Data Controller:

  • In the case of personal data, the User;
  • For other stored data (see paragraph 9), Intrain Consulting Kft.

The Intrain app requests access to photos on your phone to allow users to upload images to their profile.

Personal information requested at registration:

  • E-mail Address: Required for authentication and login
  • Password: Required for authentication and login

Personal information requested when setting up profile (optional):

  • Surname, First Name: Only visible to User
  • City: for statistics

Personal information requested for your player profile:

  • First Name, Second name, Gender: Only the User can see or the User the User is sharing this information with
  • Date of Birth: Only visible to User

Anthropometric data:

  • These are stored separately from your personal information and cannot be identified and tracked to which player they belong to.

2. Scope and amendment of the Regulations

The scope of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) covers this Application and the data management provided in connection with that Application. The Data Administrator reserves the right to change the policy.

3. Place of data management, governing law

The processing of personal data is carried out in a computer data center leased by the Data Administrator.

4. Legal basis and principles of data management

Your personal information is handled by Data Controller

5. Purpose of processing of personal data

The primary purpose of the provided data is to identify the User.

Non-personal data (anthropometric data, age, etc.) can serve statistical purposes in a way that is not traceable to the person to whom they belong to.

6. Access to managed data, data transfer

Personal data is protected by the User’s own password and cannot be accessed even by the Administrator unless specifically authorized by the User.

7. Duration of data management

The host will delete the entered data if:

  • their management is unlawful or their cancellation is required by law;
  • the User or Data Controller so requests;
  • the purpose of data management has ceased to exist;
  • it is ordered by an authority or a court.

There are two ways for a user to request the deletion of their personal information:

  • In writing, in this case, the Data Administrator will delete the data within five business days;
  • From the application, on the settings page, click the “Delete profile” button.

Deleting data will make the data unrecognizable, along with deleting the User’s account, and will not be recoverable.

In the event of a civil relationship between the User and the Data Administrator, the data shall be governed by the civil law rules. In this case, personal data may be processed for civil law enforcement purposes. If an illegal or legal action is initiated by the User, the Admin may manage the data in order to successfully close it.

8. Rights of data subjects, protection of individuals

The User has the right to correct his / her data, to ask the Data Administrator to correct my erroneous data and the data that cannot be corrected by him / her.

The User may request information about the management of his / her data. You may also provide this information by e-mail.

9. Data security

The Data Administrator shall take all reasonable measures he or she may require to safeguard the data.

Personal data is protected (encrypted) by the password used by the User, which is not accessible to anyone other than the User and any other Users / Data Controllers that may be authorized.

Non-personal data is stored separately in the database and it is not possible to retrieve personal data from this data.

The data host shall ensure the physical protection of the data, against transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, and accidental destruction or damage.

10. Enforcement of Rights

The User may enforce his or her personal data protection rights in the following ways:

  • can contact the Data Administrator directly, who will take the necessary action;
  • may object to the management of the data, in which case the Data Administrator shall, within 15 days, review the objection and make a decision;
  • can contact the National Privacy and Freedom of Information Authority (;
  • can enforce its claim through the courts.

September 2020