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Intrain is a mobile app we specifically designed to help coaches and parents of young athletes

As a coach, how do you treat your young talents to leverage their individual potential?

This is how the Intrain app can help you


Create your team

Create a new team and add players to it. Players are registered by their parents.


Plan your activities

Add training, test and competition dates and share instantly with impacted parents


Get the data

Parents will keep you updated with measurement you need to customize training plans for your players


Track performance

Record individual performance with a single click after each training


Generate reports

That's on us! We generate attendance sheets, trend analysis, player history record, etc.

As a coach, my job is to educate my players to be very good people and athletes. I can only do this effectively if I can fully focus my attention on them and spend as little time as possible on additional and administrative work. Recording and keeping records of attendance, statistics, benchmarks, is essential for the management of my team, but simply requires too much effort.

With Intrain we created a platform for sport coaches, that supports doing administrative tasks. So at the end they can turn their focus to their players.

In the development phase it quickly turned out that Intrain has the potential to address a different need: to provide better communication with parents. Based on my past experience I do believe that parents would like to have as much as possible feedback about their kid’s performance and attendance. In addition to that, coaches need to be aware of their players’ basic physiologic status: body-metrics and fatigue level.

Intrain creates a bridge between coaches and parents where useful information can be exchanged quickly. Finally, I do believe that doing any kind of sport is rewarding anybody based on the invested work and performance regardless of the money spent by doing it. Therefore all functions of our app is free for all parents and coaches.
Zsombor, HU
Ice hockey coach
Intrain founder

First steps

Basic actions for parents
parent registration, athlete registration and profile settings, profile share with coach
Basic actions for coaches
team registration, team composition, trainings scheduling and performance assessment
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