Insights to your kids training

Intrain is a mobile app we specifically designed to help coaches and parents of young athletes

As a parent, how do you ensure your kids get the right training to leverage their individual potential?

With Intrain app you can


Get insights to performance

The app allows you to get ratings from your kids' coach. So you will be aware of any change in their performance. Even the good ones 😉


Be up-to-date with everything

No need to use another chat app. We have all in one place: training and event planner and a chat function. Set up by your kid's coach.


Ensure your kid gets the right training

Let their coach know their physical abilities. With some easy measurements we can calculate your kid's biological maturity index, ensuring them the right training intensity.

Your kid’s data privacy is important to us

All measurement and performance data stays between you and your kid’s coach. Even we are not able to trace data back to any real person. You can read about our data handling policies here.

First steps

Basic actions for parents
parent registration, athlete registration and profile settings, profile share with coach
Basic actions for coaches
team registration, team composition, trainings scheduling and performance assessment
See for yourself!
It is free for all